Garage Door Repair Evanston – Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Upon installation, garage doors are pretty much simple and straightforward. After all, all it does is open and close BUT it does a wonderful job doing it. However, there may come a time that these doors for your garage gets busted for whatever reason. It can start acting up and that is the time wherein you should do proper maintenance and repair on them lest you suffer more damages on the doors (or your sanity). So it is best to roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some work on your garage doors.


The first thing to do prior to doing some maintenance and repairs on your garage doors is to first know about the problem. Think about it – would doctors prescribe medicine to sick people without first knowing what’s their illness? It just as the same as conducting repair and maintenance jobs on your doors; if you do not know what the problem is and you start hammering away at the “problem” (literally) then chances are you are going to get more problems than what you have originally bargained for.

Here are some common problems that garage door owners can face:

Noisy garage doors

Many equipments are designed to work smoothly and without much noise, just like garage doors. When there are unknown, loud, and maybe even grinding noises heard whenever the doors try to open or close, then there might be a problem regarding their rollers, hinges, or even the openers themselves. If the rollers or hinges are the problem, replacing them will be the most effective solution.

Garage doors freeze halfway

This can go about two ways – the metal parts freeze over because of extremely cold weather, or the doors stop functioning halfway to opening or closing (even in perfectly normal weather). For the former problem, the best way to thaw out the unwanted ice is to use a hair dryer or a heat gun. For the latter, there might be problems with the opening system.

If you do not know the complexity and the workarounds of your garage door openers, better back off for now and get professional help to do the job instead.

These are only a couple of issues that you may come across for your garage doors. If it seems that the repair and maintenance is too hard for you to handle, better get in touch with professional repair people. If you are somewhere in the vicinity of Evanston, why not get in touch with Garage Door Repair Evanston for that much needed stress-free help you need.

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