Garage Door Repair Evanston – How to Keep Your Doors in Top Shape

Garage door owners know that they have to keep these doors in tip-top shape for it to provide the most out of convenience and security. The service that these doors on your garages can bring can last for years; and by service it means that these doors play a vital role in keeping an easy access for home owners to quickly get inside their homes, and also keep robbers at bay from entering.

Sadly, these doors may break down due to wear and tear. Constant use can issue heavy damage onto the doors (not to mention the harsh and ever changing weather). Nonetheless, there are ways to extend the garage doors’ lifespan by following some easy tips to keep the doors’ functionality in order.


#1 – Always inspect the tracks

Even though it is not in your routine, make it a habit to check the tracks every time you pass by your garage. Make sure that there will be no dirt or small debris lodged in between them.. If there are, it can hinder the garage doors from opening all the way and can cause great frustration.

To remedy this, get an old washcloth that is dipped in soapy solution and wipe the tracks to remove the dirt, debris, or grime build up. You can also vacuum the tracks to assure yourself that no obstruction is left behind. Apply a light layer of grease or lubricant to ensure that the doors still slide smoothly.

#2 – Lubricate the rollers

Do not leave the garage door rollers out when lubricating the tracks to even assure yourself further that the doors will not try and force itself to function. Also, should the rollers get damaged over time and from constant use, consider replacing them instead of trying to repair them. As a word of caution, only make sure to get the same type of rollers as the one you currently have to avoid further issues.

#3 – For difficult situations, contact a garage door repair company

Sometimes there are issues wherein it can seem a bit too much to handle. If this is the case, try not to be a hero if you have no prior experience in fixing garage doors (especially when it comes to garage door openers and torsion springs). Contact a reliable company to help you do the job and get it done right. Companies like Garage Door Repair Evanston lets you have peace of mind while restoring the value of your garage doors like they were just recently bought from the store.

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